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The Murals of Ithaca, New York

Murals and street art can create the same amount of impact on a viewer as art on a canvas. Sometimes, it can create a larger impression. Mural art plays a large role in the Ithaca, NY community, in that it's hard to find an area where they isn't a work of art. The town is covered with pieces from local artists, and what's great about it is the art is open to the public. With art in museums, most of the time it isn't accessible to everyone, only to those who can afford it. But, with murals and street art, it gives community members a chance to showcase their talents, as well as allow townies and visitors to take a moment to appreciate the works. Here are some examples of murals you can find around the city of Ithaca.

Red Tailed Hawk by Ryan Christenson is a recent addition to the city of Ithaca. The bold piece can be found on Green St.

Mural on Curved Wall Facing City Hall, 2011 by local artist Amir Roti has become a staple mural in the city the past few years. It's magical, "Alice in Wonderland"-esque scene is what makes it so popular.

Photo courtesy of Cornell Cooperative Extension of Tompkins County

Maternidad can be found on the wall in one of the parking garages in the city. The piece, by artist Nick Gilbert, won the Latin@ Mural Contest in 2014.

Black-Eyed Susans mural on North Aurora Street is probably the most popular mural in town. The simple, yet stunning piece by Kellie Cox is one that has become a landmark in itself, as well as a perfect backdrop for some nice Instagram photos.

Looking for other murals to check out in Ithaca? Look no further, there is a map listing every mural you can find in the city and outside of it. So start looking!

Featured Photo: exkata via Flickr/Creative Commons

Other photos courtesy of @ithacamurals on Instagram.

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